About 2 months ago while at Barnes & Noble I wandered over the the mystery section (as usual) and found a book called “Murder at the Breakers” by Alyssa Maxwell. It was right in my wheel house! For some reason, I find the Gilded Age fascinating, especially in fiction set in New England. In fact, my favorite book of all time “The Age of Innocence” takes place during that time and in Newport, Rhode Island.

I put on my bookshelf and planned to read it soon enough. I tend to buy books and not read them right away, especially if I am in the middle of another one already or have others on my list to read ahead of it. Cut to about a week ago and my husband and I finally decided we were ready for a vacation. We haven’t been on vacation in over two years so it was about time. We love visiting light houses and have visited many in California and Maine. Since New England is one of our favorite places, we somehow settled on Rhode Island. Since July was booked, we decided August was the right time to go.

As it happens, I decided that I would read “Murder at the Breakers” as I knew it was set in Newport, RI at the Breakers, a massive mansion constructed by the Vanderbilts. I had no idea when I bought that book that just over a month later I would be visiting that exact spot. I am on page 50 and really enjoying it so far. I will be sure to report back once I finished and compare to my trip. (Sans murder).