In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been M.I.A. for several months. But with good reason. I had a baby! Yes. In April, I gave birth to my son. From August until, well, now my focus has been on a healthy baby. Finally, I am back in action ready to start reading and posting once again.

The first book I read in a year was “Nine Perfect Strangers.” The book started out interesting and was hoping it would take a turn and grip me. Sadly, I ended up getting bored a little more than half way through, losing interest in the characters and skimming to reach the end. My first book in a year was a dud.

But that’s OK!

By pure coincidence I am reading “Eight Perfect Murders.” I am on page 12 and so far I enjoy it and it is exactly what I am looking for.

In addition to spending the last few months focused on pregnancy and preparing for my son to enter the world, I fell into a massive reading rut. During pregnancy, I tried to find books to read and all of them fell completely flat. I needed something new and exciting! Something that was new and fresh. I started reading “And the Sea Will Tell” but at 700-some odd pages it will take a bit to get through. I am also reading it on the Barnes and Noble book app and EReaders were never my thing. But a massive book like this one is more EReader friendly than the paper version. Though I expect I may end up switching to the real deal.

For now, I will plow through “Eight Perfect Murders” which has considerably less pages.

I will report back.

I promise.