I’ve watched a lot of Poirot over the last few years and have always wondered what it is exactly that makes him so appealing. Beyond the comfort of the English country side there’s something much deeper that draws me in. The core of his character is complex. As I watch I try to learn something new each time.

For me, the last three months of the year is a jumping off point. A time to collect our thoughts, intentions, take inventory and get serious about how we can make ourselves and the world a better place. Which brings me back to Poirot: a man who dedicated his entire life to making the world a better place by holding evil accountable.

I am starting the series again and began to take some notes on what it is within Poirot’s character that I’d admire so deeply and with to adopt.

This will be an on-going post series, so here are three to start us off:

  1. He keeps only what he needs on his desk: Poirot’s desk is one of my favorites of all the sets in the show. It is Order and Method in its purest form. What I love about it is the all that is on his desk is exactly what he needs at his finger tips. He keeps his desk clear of clutter and decorations in order to keep his mind clear and keep those Little Grey Cells strong. Since working from home, my desk is very clean, but has a lot of things not work-related on it such as Altoids, baby pacifiers, and receipts. These extra items keep me distracted because all I think are, “I need to organize those receipts, that pacifier needs to be clean, and is my breath O.K.?”
hercule poirot desk - Google-Suche | Suche
Poirot’s Desk: The early episodes

2. He delegates to his most trusted partners & knows how to thank them: Poirot may appear to be a solo man, he cannot do his work without his most trusted partners: Miss Lemon, Hastings and Inspector Japp. He deeply respects all three and knows the strengths of each individual and how to best to utilize them. And he values their friendship and dedication to him and always shows his appreciation (mostly with a delicious meal). The later episodes omit these three characters which is a bummer, but you know they are always at his side.

Agatha Christie's Poirot — cast | Agatha christie, Poirot, Agatha  christie's poirot
Inspector Japp, Poirot, Miss Lemon, Captain Hastings

3. He is knowledgeable about a variety of topics through research: Whether it is the Russian alphabet or the game of Cricket or amateur magic tricks, Poirot seems to keep knowledge in his back pocket. He knows when to use it to his advantage and when to hold back. He understands that knowing details on a variety of topics keeps him sharp and at an advantage when someone makes the mistake of underestimating him.

Poirot as linguist | Seven Storeys High