Let me start by saying this is a massive book and I am glad to be reading it on my e-reader! I started this book in April of this year and slowly working my way through. Not because of a lack of interest, but it is quite a book.

It is also a genre I do not usually gravitate toward: True Crime.

Amazon.com: And the Sea Will Tell eBook: Bugliosi, Vincent, Henderson,  Bruce: Kindle Store

From memory I believe I’ve only read two True Crime fiction: “Killers of Flower Moon” and “Accused” by Tonya Craft. I was part of a book club for the first book, but not sure how I stumbled upon the second. “And the Sea Will Tell” was suggested from a podcast.

Map of Palmyra Atoll in the Pacific

“And the Sea Will Tell” is indeed gripping. The book is written by the lawyer representing a woman accused of murdering a couple in 1974 – along side her then boyfriend – on an uninhabited island called Palmyra; 1.000 ,miles due south of Hawaii. This book beings with the story of the people on the island and how they ended up being visitors, the discovery of the murder, and the trial.

The story telling of this one is not for everyone, but somehow the author keeps me coming back for more. The tale opens with how the couples traveling had come to build their boats, what kind they were, etc. Then the days and interactions between the two couples in question and the subsequent arrests. Jennifer claims innocence – as does her boyfriend in his own way – but they were the only two on the island, save for a few visiting couples here and there.

Right now, I am in the middle of the trial against Jennifer Jenkins. Her boyfriend’s trial was also detailed and I will not spoil anything for those planning to read. It is rather dry in the sense that it is very much Q&A style, introducing witnesses, legal terms, talks with judges, trial prep, etc. But, again, I am so drawn in by the story of what REALLY happened that I am hooked. And although I keep waiting for the Big Reveal, I suspect there isn’t going to be one a la a detective calling everyone into the drawing room to reveal the guilty party and how they did it.

While this is a deviation from my usual go-tos, if you are OK with detailed trials, legal back and forth, this book is for you. I’m not exactly into that, but again…what happened to Mac and Muff!?

..and time will tell…