As the days grow cooler and cozier, so more inward we readers go into pages of our books. The growing T.B.R. (to be read) list we have complied throughout the first few months of the year is (ideally) dwindling down to the last few. Many of us were overly ambitious, others underwhelmed by the books they’ve read and others (like me) savoring those quiet moments between the pages.

This year, I set a goal to read 12 books which put me on pace with one book per month. My usual pace was 1 to 2 books per month with an average or 20 books per year. Well, this year I’ve only read 4. Yes, 4. And while in the past I would have been trying to catch up so I can mark on my Good Reads account I met my goal for the year, I’ve decided it isn’t about the number but the quality. It is so easy to hear others say they slammed through 100 books by October and think, “How? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I should embrace audio books…do they even count?”

My reading slowed down mostly because I was not captured by the selections; the book blurbs or podcast suggestions not living up to the expectations. Last weekend I was reading the Off Duty section within the Wall Street Journal and saw an article on a the latest film adaptation of Rebecca. I looked over at my bookshelf and felt inspired! The book has been waiting patiently to be opened. I tried to read this last fall but for some reason I stopped after a handful of pages. They always say a book has to find you at the right time.

Rebecca | The Great American Read | WTTW Chicago

And so it has.

While off my usual interest of Detective Fiction, I want to be sure to include other books on the blog I am reading. As we in the Northern Hemisphere trade in our flip-flops for boots, tank tops for sweaters, and ice tea for hot tea a good, cozy book is always what us readers need. Summer quick reads are packed away on their shelves and the bigger, denser books emerge, wrapping us up in their worlds like a big cozy Irish sweater.

I am on page 70 of this book and the setting is absolutely incredible! I want to live in this house and be greeted each morning with the breakfast spread… Of course, something is lurking much deeper and I am looking forward to finding out about the mysterious Rebecca, the deceased wife of the main character’s husband.