Hi Everyone and Happy 2021! Although we have ended one cycle around the sun and began another, the world remains as it was in 2020, however, with a bit of optimism. The light is at the end of this long, dark tunnel. We humans have experienced life stopping/altering times and 2021 is the beginning out of our climb out.

I hope you all are well, safe, and happy.

I started this year off the same way I did last year: A Nancy Drew book. These quick, cute reads always put me in a positive mood. Although I do long for the days where we can get together at restaurants or houses for gatherings without masks, reading something like Nancy Drew reminds me of the times past and the times to come.

The Mystery at Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew, Book 4): Keene, Carolyn:  0884333932609: Amazon.com: Books

That is why we read after all, isn’t it? To escape, to learn, to grow? While many of us continue to lay low and keep our distance from the outside world, we turn to books or movies to keep us hopeful and inspired for the future. There are moments where I read and think, “Wow…people got together in people’s houses without masks? Strange…” Right now I am reading “Hannah Coulter” and reading the Christmas scene made me hopeful for the holidays this year.

My plans for the blog moving forward is to continue to find books that expand our inner world as we slowly, but surely, step out (or long to step out) back into the world. I also want to incorporate a Lifestyle section where I include things on organization, cleaning, planning, notebooks/trackers, etc.

I want this to be your Feel Good place. The Bookshelf Detective is here!

Happy Reading!