Welcome! My name is Amanda and I am a detective fiction fanatic.

I have always been into reading mysteries and watching crime shows. In fact as a kid I watched Murder, She Wrote and as an adult Castle.  But it wasn’t until I discovered the series Poirot starring David Suchet that my interest took on a life of its own. As I watched through the series I was asking myself, “What is is about detectives and these mystery shows that pull me in?” It isn’t the crime itself or figuring out who the murderer was. No. It was the detective him/herself that captivated me.

What I realized over the last few years is that I love that these people are incredibly intuitive, aware of their surroundings to almost a level of being super human, they are passionate to do the right thing and help people, selfless, all while maintaining a sense of humility. Of course, one may argue that Poirot and humility shouldn’t belong in the same sentence, but I would disagree. Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote is a small-town widow, turned mystery writer who always happens to be in the right place, at the wrong time, her eyes wide open to every single detail around her. While she is always dismissed, she remains steadfast in her persuit for the truth. Kate Beckett in Castle is a woman driven by justice to make up for the lack of justice for her mother’s murder. She is deep, passionate, mysterious, but all the while a playful and professional.

When I look at these three fictional characters, I see the kind of person I hope to be. I am drawn to the character of the detective more than the mystery. And it made me want to expand even further into others such as Nancy Drew and beyond.


The blog is a dedication to the fictional detectives who I know and love.


When I am not reading or watching detecitve fiction I am reading other kinds of fiction, painting, drawing, cleaning, writing, and hanging out with my husband and my lab/pitt mix, Baxter.